A disastrous fire at Uyvari's Resort in August 1946 stimulated a group of dedicated Wind Lake residents to form a Volunteer fire department. Our first organizational meeting was held June 17, 1947. The first piece of fire equipment was purchased in 1947 for $450.00 and was dubbed "Old Sparky". On April 17, 1948, ground breaking for the first house was done with land donated by Oliver Hoganson. And as the famous quote goes "The rest is history"!!

Since 1947, the members of the Wind Lake Vol Fire Co have worked together to provide the residents with the best fire protection and medical care. With a family of 30 plus professional members who foster pride, teamwork and dedication to excellence, each volunteer undergoes training to become a firefighter or Emergency Medical Responder.

Originally dispatching was handled by a 4 party line system; in other words, the first 4 people would call another 4 and so on until all people involved were contacted. Many changes have occurred since 1947. We cover 36 square miles out of two separate stations with two engines, one tanker, two grass rigs, one equipment truck, two ambulances, one rescue boat, and one chase car. Our members now carry radio pagers to let them know of a call. We are governed by a board of directors that consists of our Chief, Assistant Chief, President, Vice President, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and three members at large.

In 1998 Wind Lake Vol Fire Co was named Wisconsin's EMS Service of the Year by the Wisconsin EMS Association for its accomplishments. A new level of emergency care also began in 1998 when the department increased its level of care to Intermediate and began providing Advanced Life Support care to the Town of Norway and the surrounding communities.

Just a few years ago a new and improved fire department station was built at 5517 E Wind Lake Road, replacing an old and cramped building. This new station enables us to reach a large portion of the township on a quicker basis.
In the year 2010 a new and improved rescue boat was added to our fleet of equipment. With a large amount of water in the Town of Norway, the boat was a welcomed addition to our town.

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